design for asia award

Recognising good designs that are most influential within Asia

Half of the world's population lives in Asia. The mere fact that Asians in general are becoming more affluent, presents any business with enormous development opportunities. This massive and maturing Asian market has been the driving force behind creations that meet the various needs of Asian consumers. From apparel and accessories, through communications and interiors to product design, the unique characteristics of Asian consumers are becoming important design considerations. Some outstanding designs have even become trendsetters, influencing the Asian way of living.

Good design enriches our lives. It makes daily living easier and impacts positively on our fragile environment. As designers and enterprises respond to the needs of the new and growing Asian market, design has the potential to improve and add value to every aspect of our life.

The Design for Asia Award is presented to companies from around the world that have generated business success through good design that reflects, or has an impact on, the Asian lifestyle.

The Design for Asia Award is dedicated to promoting design excellence. It also seeks to raise awareness amongst businesses and the public alike, that good design is an essential component in business success and the enjoyment of life.

There are three categories of award:

  • DFA Grand Award
  • DFA Best Design from Greater China
  • DFA Special Merit Award

Official website of Design for Asia Award.

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